Welcome to ICS 215, Introduction to Scripting

Carleton (Cam) Moore


Department of Information and Computer Sciences

The University of Hawaii, Manoa Course Catalog describes ICS 215 as:

 Introduction to scripting languages for the integration of applications and systems. Scripting in operating 
 systems, web pages, server-side application integration, regular expressions, event handling, input validation, 
 selection, repetition, parameter passing, Perl, JavaScript, and PHP.   

This course explores various scripting languages and regular expressions.

Prerequisites: A grade of “B” or higher in 211 or currently taking 211 or instructor’s consent.

Computer Requirements: You must have have the following computer technology:


The primary goal of ICS 215: Introduction to Scripting is to teach you about regular expressions and different scripting languages and their applications.


ICS 215 is structured as a set of modules. Each module has the following structure:

This course is mostly student directed. You have to work on the Regular Expressions module first and pass 10 quizzes. After that you get to choose the order and areas you want to focus on.

There are five modules:

Scripting Languages

Each module has a set of reading to help you, the student, learn about the subject. They will have practice experiences (Easy, Medium, and Difficult) to help you gauge your mastery of the subject. Each module will have 5 Difficult, 5 Medium, and 5 Easy quizzes used to assess your learning success. During the class periods, I will be administering quizzes to you in any of the five modules. You can take up to two (2) assessments per class period and you get to choose the difficulty and module for the quizzes. You must take and pass 10 quizzes in the Regular Expression module. The rest of the choice of assessments and modules are completely up to you.