HACC-Hui 2020 - 2021

Team formation for the Hawaii Annual Code Challenge

Meteor Semantic UI React

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RadGrad 2016-2022

A social network, degree planner, and community engagement platform for STEM students.

Meteor Semantic UI

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Kipa 2016

A responsive, reactive visitor scheduling system developed for Oahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC) as part of the 2016 Hawaii Annual Code Challenge (HACC).

Hackathon Meteor Semantic UI

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Kukui Cup 2010

The Kukui Cup project explores how information technology, serious games, and educational pedagogy can support long-term change in sustainability-related behaviors.

Python Django WattDepot Serious Games

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WattDepot 2009

Open source service for collection, storage, analysis, and visualization of energy data.

Java Restlet

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Makahiki 2009

An open source “serious game engine for sustainability”. Makahiki provides a framework for behavioral change regarding energy, water, food, and waste generation and use.

Python Django Serious Games

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